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This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

16th June 2016 / Competitiveness / Health Care

Czech scientists could halt zika virus | Czech healthcare R&D could make use of private funding

Czech scientists from the Biological Centre of the Czech Academy of Science, based in Ceske Budejovice, in cooperation with Brno Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague found a substance that could halt zika virus, the server informed. ​Czech healthcare R&D could make use of private funding 
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20th March 2016 / Competitiveness / Health Care

OECD: Absolute, per capita number of doctors, nurses never been greater in OECD countries, including Czech Republic

The number of doctors and nurses has reached record levels in the OECD. Countries should now reform their training and employment strategies to better respond to people’s changing health needs and also reduce their reliance on foreign-trained health workers from developing countries, according to a new OECD report.  
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2nd February 2016 / Competitiveness / Health Care

Euro Health Consumer Index 2015: Czech Rep. 13th out of 35 countries - patient surveys, study

The Euro Health Consumer Index 2006 had France as the champion with 768 points out of 1000. In the EHCI 2015, the Czech Republic at that level of achievement is 13th among 35 countries. Top performance ten years ago has today become European average, says the study. Eight countries, all Western European, are scoring above 800 points of the maximum 1000. These are followed at some little distance by four other affluent countries (Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria) “not quite making it” for different reasons. The first CEE country, the Czech Republic, is closing in, now only 14 points behind Austria. So how do national health care systems perform in the eyes of consumers/patients? As for the Czech Republic, patients' responses have shown good access to care...  
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20th September 2015 / Competitiveness / Health Care

Competitiveness: DVTV: VIDEO: Bohdan Pomahač: Face transplant? Few experts in the world capable of performing it

Bohdan Pomahač is a Czech plastic surgeon who explains that the hardest or unique thing about face transplant is to cut away the donor's tissue, remove the face. There are only two surgeons in the world capable of performing it, Mr Pomahač being one of them. Behind his success there is "a little b...
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26th January 2014 / Competitiveness / Health Care

Competitiveness: MEPs welcome the EC´s eHealth initiative

During its January plenary session, on 14 January, the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution welcoming the European Commission´s eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020. The EC published the Action Plan on 6 December 2012 as part of continuing effort to promote high-quality efficient patient-ori...
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