This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

27th January 2023 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

AmCham insight into the current labor market trends

Prices have joined a tight labor market to create a highly volatile wage market. Will wage demands create a vicious cycle of price increases leading to salary increases leading to price increases?
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27th January 2023 / Competitiveness / Digital Agenda

How much help is a castle in a digital world?

This week, in the offices of White & Case LLP, AmCham CZ joined a group of experts, including Tomáš Ščerba, Kateřina Anna Magnna, AmCham Board member Michal Stachník of Cisco, Tomáš Budník of Thein Security, and Alžběta Solarczyk Krausová to assess how companies and the state are reacting to increased cyber threats, and what trends, both market and regulatory, are coming their way.
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26th January 2023 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

Hays Czech Republic Salary Guide 2023

The labour market again saw a number of challenges last year. The relatively quick recovery of the world economy after the pandemic was sharply slowed down by the energy crisis and the war conflict in Ukraine. All this is reflected in the strategic decisions of companies and affects the planning of financial and human resources. Despite the difficult economic situation, companies' demand for qualified applicants remains strong. Sándor Bodnár, Managing Director, Hays Czech Republic  
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