Economic policy / Business and Industry

This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

18th October 2016 / Economic policy / Business and Industry Traditional Czech industry retreating, making space for assembly plants

Five traditional brands of the Czech industry that are currently facing an existential crisis. Maybe we are watching live the end of the transformation of the Czech economy after 1989, writes. 
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29th July 2016 / Economic policy / Business and Industry

Radio Praha: Swopping views on how to deal with sharing economy | Kryštof Kruliš of AMO on sharing economy (updated)

The sharing economy is one of those vogue terms that can perhaps best be explained by some of the concepts which have been made possible by the Internet, digital applications, and credit cards. Crowd funding is one. Others are flat and house renting applications such as Airbnb or Booking, or perhaps one of the most famous of all, the car renting and delivery service, Uber. But they have often clashed with tradition sectors of the economy.
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20th September 2015 / Economic policy / Business and Industry

Economic Policy: AMSP ČR: Czech SMEs lax about energy cost management

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czezh Republic (AMSP ČR) in cooperation with RWE energy group published analysis of energy cost management in Czech small and medium-sized enterprises. Czech SMEs are not well-informed about all currently available energy-savi...
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