Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

17th February 2016 / Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

Government approves National Policy for R&D, Innovation for 2016-2020, sets key fields for applied research

At its session on 17 February, the Government approved the National Policy for Reasearch, Development and Innovation for 2016-2020. Compared with previous national R&D strategic documents, this time much greater emphasis is placed on the stregthening of applied research based on the needs of the economy and the public sector, said Pavel Bělobrádek, Vice-PM for Research, Development and Innovation. The employers say the strategic RDI document should be more focused on major problems such as the underdeveloped cooperation between the business and the R&D sectors...
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7th February 2016 / Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

OECD: Czech R&D expenditures of 2% of GDP slightly above EU average, bellow OECD average. UNESCO Women in science data inside

OECD recently published data on R&D expenditures for 41 countries, including the Czech Republic. The country, with R&D expenditures amounting to 2% of GDP (622.9 USD per capita (2014)) ranks slightly above the EU average, but bellow the OECD average. South Korea spends 4.29% of its GDP on research and development, followed by Israel with 4.11% and Japan with 3.58% of GDP in 2015. 
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19th October 2015 / Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

Economic Policy: OECD: Governments must step up R&D in frontier technology

OECD published their Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2015 report on 19 October...Cuts to R&D spending threaten to destabilise science and research systems in many advanced economies, the OECD warns. Given that 70% of R&D in the OECD area takes place within the business sector, ...
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