10th December 2019

CTP to Revitalize Forest Near Mladá Boleslav

CTP expands its own environmental activities. The company has recently become the owner of 100 hectares of forest and plans to restore it. It has decided to further develop its ecological and social activities by purchasing 100 hectares of forest near Mladá Boleslav. The main goal of the company is to revitalize and grow trees.

CTP has been active in the field of environmental protection for a long time; in the past, CTP has focused on expanding greenery, bee breeding and improving the energy efficiency of buildings in its industrial and office parks.

We have a commitment to local communities

“We are constantly working to improve the environment around us,” said Remon Vos, CEO of CTP. “This step is a continuation of our activities last year, when we invested 2 million euros in renovating CTParks across Central and Eastern Europe, where we planted new trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses. As for our forest near Mladá Boleslav, we want to restore this beautiful part of nature, grow trees there and participate in long-term care for the environment in the area.”

The trees in this forest have been heavily attacked by bark beetle, so the company wants to continue their restoration. Since the CTP, as the owner, is not dependent on logging yields, it can invest in planting slow-growing deciduous trees so that the forest has its original appearance.

The company decided to care for forests in the Czech Republic first. It is in this country that CTP is starting a business its commitment to the communities affected by its activities, it perceives very strongly. However, depending on its growth rate, CTP plans to continue these activities throughout Central Europe. The company wants to behave responsibly towards all communities in the areas in which it operates and to contribute significantly to reducing the overall carbon footprint.  

CTP to certify entire portfolio according to BREEAM

CTP also recently announced cooperation with the BRE Science Center. As a result, 2019 and 2020 should be awarded the prestigious BREEAM certification, which supports sustainable UN development goals, for the entire portfolio of the company, which has more than 270 buildings in seven countries. “Examples of concrete measures in such accredited buildings could be shower or tap flow restrictors that reduce water consumption,” explained Bert Hesselink, CTP Sales Director, adding: “or green or brown roof systems that reduce rainwater runoff to drainage systems, promoting biodiversity while helping to combat the ‘heat island’ effect”.

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