16th June 2016

How can implementation of MEAT quality criteria increase efficiency of hospitals - workshop materials

On June 7, about 50 representatives of hospitals and medical devices companies met to attend the presentations and workshop about implementation of MEAT quality criterias according to Public Procurement Law in force from October 1, 2016. Ideas were made by Gunnar Goblirsch - Stockholm County Council, Sweden, Yves Verboven - MedTech Europe, Joana Candeias - Ministry of Health Care, Portugal and Vlastimil Fiedler - Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic. 

"When you need to buy something and want to compare cost and quality in public procurementthere there are usually two ways you do it: Translate costs into points (hard) or translate quality into costs (easier)." | "Procurement to lowest cost does not mean that you are buying goods and services with low quality. Low requirements => Low quality. High requirements => High quality. Focus on total cost and not on price! Demands are blunt instruments!"

Gunar Goblirsch, in Public procurement since 1980, Head of procurement department in County Council of Soermland for more than 10 years, Awarded public purchaser of the year in 2009, Head of unit responsible for buying all medical equipment to the new hospital New Karolinska Solna (NKS) in Stockholm.

All presentations are available here.



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