7th March 2019

CEE Legal Matters: The Buzz in the Czech Republic: Interview with Daniel Weinhold of Weinhold Legal

There’s nothing happening at the moment in the Czech Republic which could fall into the category of “big news,” Daniel Weinhold, the Managing Partner of Weinhold Legal says, “but there a few pieces of news that are worth attention, and which are the source of some discussion among members of the legal profession,” CEE Legal Matters writes.

Weinhold reports recent allegations made by several judges — "one in particular who is part of the Constitutional Court and another who is on the Supreme Administrative Court” — that pressure was exerted on them from the President of the Czech Republic and his close advisors with regards to specific cases, leading to parliamentary hearings and some discussions about whether the judiciary is sufficiently immune from top officials. Various investigations have led to no specific conclusions or results as yet, Weinhold reports, but he says "it could conceivably result in some constitutional action against the President.” According to Weinhold, “this is quite important, obviously. One thing is to have good legislation and good businessmen and so on, but sooner or later you’re likely to end up in front of judges, and you have to know they are independent in their decision-making.”


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