11th August 2016

Coalition for Transparent Business: Questionnaire concerning corruption and anti-corruption measures

Established in 2011, the Coalition for Transparent Business is an open association of companies across various industries striving to enhance the business environment in the Czech Republic. It is open to all entities sharing the same ethical values and desire to build a responsible and transparent business environment – not only in the area of public contracts but also in other areas of business.

One of the Coalition’s principal activities and objectives is the publication of a White Book of Transparent Business aimed at finding ways to enhance transparency in both private and public sectors. The book not only endeavours to pinpoint specific cases of unethical behaviour in certain areas, but should also be a platform for sharing experience and recommendations.

Chapter 1 of the White Book will be devoted to the evaluation of the questionnaire that we would like you to complete. The questionnaire focuses on your experience in the public procurement area and standard business transactions, measures for ensuring transparency and ethical business conduct by Czech and foreign companies and their suggestions for possible
improvement. Your answers will be kept confidential and only be used for the purpose of the White book.

The questionnaire can be accessed via the following link:

When asked for a password, please enter 6611.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic