21st April 2020

Coronavirus - Czech loan moratorium: its true impact in the field of large corporate financing

A detailed reading of the version of the bill presented to the Senate raises a number of questions and uncertainties about the impact of the proposed rules on relationships between borrowers and lenders. If adopted in their current form, the rules, in addition to their ambiguities, will affect the dynamics of commercial relationships throughout the loan market. This briefing provides a review of the likely impacts of such rules in the field of large corporate financing. Although there will be a relatively low number of such cases, the impacts will be magnified by the huge amounts of money in question; the future of big domestic companies and their holdings may be (negatively) influenced. In this context, the ambiguities found and questions raised within the contemplated rules may be surprising. 


You can read the full briefing here

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic