2nd November 2016

Council of Europe: Czech Republic should improve measures to prevent corruption among MPs, judges and prosecutors | Supreme Administrative Court judge Karel Šimka Czech judiciary one of least corrupt in Europe (updated)

In a report published today, the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) calls on the Czech authorities to make substantial reforms to strengthen the prevention of corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors. 

GRECO specifically calls on the Czech authorities to further increase the transparency of the legislative process. In the absence of any lobbying regulations, it recommends introducing rules for members of parliament on how to interact with third parties seeking to influence the legislative process and that such interactions be made more transparent.

Moreover, the rules on parliamentarians’ asset declarations need to be further amended. 

Read the press release and the report here (see also the Czech version of the report).

More details in Czech are available here.

Read also an interview with Supreme Administrative Court judge Karel Šimka for the Hlidacipes.org who says, among others, that in his opinion, when it comes to fairness, Czech judiciary is one of the least corrupt in Europe.

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