23rd March 2020

Crisis measures against coronavirus in Germany and their potential impact on Czech citizens and businesses

As the Czech economy depends on the German economy, this can be expected to have an effect on businesses and individuals who work closely with German manufacturers and employers.

Border closure and checks

Although Germany did not close its border with the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic did. The Czech government has issued a decree stating that no one can cross the border, with exceptions made only for people who work less than 100 km from the Czech/German border; as of March 19, 2020, the Czech Government has not agreed to call of these measurements.  

Germany has put border controls in place on its borders with Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland. Only certain groups of people can cross the border to Germany. The cross-border movement of goods is not restricted. People with and without German citizenship, such as EU citizens residing in Germany, are not prohibited from leaving the country. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends not traveling outside the country. Please also note that although Germany does not prohibit leaving the country, many other countries, including the Czech Republic, have closed their borders.

Store closures and suspensions of certain services, ban on assembling in groups

The federal government and state governments have worked together to prepare unified basic restrictions concerning stores, services and gatherings, which all federal states must uphold. Stores and services are closed with the exception of grocery stores, markets, delivery services, pharmacies, drugstores, banks, petrol stations and warehouses. 

The closures apply to bars, clubs, theatres, museums, cinemas, zoos, sports facilities and playgrounds. People are prohibited from gathering in large groups in associations, sports and other leisure facilities, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious facilities. It is expected that the national or regional quarantine will be ordered as of March 21, 2020.

Most federal states have also closed schools and nurseries.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic