6th January 2023

Czech Republic drafts law on class actions

According to the ministry, adopting the Draft will reduce caseloads on courts and strengthen legal certainty in court decisions. The Draft also establishes a registry of on-going class actions.

The Draft includes an opt-in option according to which affected consumers must actively enter into a class action to claim their rights. The Draft further enables exclusively registered non-profit subjects, regardless of their legal form, to file a claim before court and represent all involved consumers.

According to the Draft, class actions will require at least 20 consumers to take part. The claimant will be the non-profit subject, not the consumers, and must represent the will of the consumers involved, fund the case, and bear all risks. The claimant may receive compensation for their risks and costs.

The Draft brings long-awaited legal rules, which – it is hoped – will effectively secure rights for consumers. We will monitor developments throughout the legislative process of this Draft Act.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic