19th April 2016

EY Global Fraud Survey 2016 | CVVM survey: Best political culture at municipal level

The survey Global Fraud Survey 2016 conducted by the EY consultancy in 2015 shows that 54% of 50 Czech executives who took part in the survey consider corruption to be a widespread phenomenon in the country (compared with 69% last year). 38% of Czech respondents think that one or more of the following can be justified to meet financial targets:

i) More flexible product return policies
ii) Change assumptions determining valuations/reserves
iii) Extend monthly reporting period
iv) Backdate a contract
v) Book revenues earlier than they should be


Another survey, Political Culture of Public Officials, conducted by the Sociological Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (CVVM agency) in March 2016 says that municipalities have maintained the higest level of trust; 58% of respondents believe the highest quality of political culture can be found at the municipal level, the lowest in the Chamber of Deputies, the Lower House of the Czech Parliament, the Czech News Agency wrote. 1,079 respondents above 15 years of age participated in the survey.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic