30th July 2015

Good Governance: Czech Television: Politicians give grades to B.Sobotka's government after 1.5 yrs in office


At its session on 29 July 2015, the Czech government passed draft amendment to the Act on Conflict of Interests and Act on Association in Political Parties and Political Movements, among others. The former introduces an obligation to submit a declaration proving the origin of assets owned by public service officers/politicians on the very first day of his/her service in the new function. The latter sets a 3 million CZK limit for a donation of an individual to a political party. "The measure will lead to black donations and division of donations (into smaller amounts)," said Jaroslav Faltýnek (ANO) in the Czech Television. Also, limits for election campaigns were set (90 million CZK for general elections and 40 million CZK for presidential elections, and 7 million CZK for regional elections, for example). Read more here and here. View Události, komentáře ("Vládní maraton") discussion with ANO, ODS and Úsvit přímé demokracie representatives, including evaluation of 1.5 years of the coaltion government of Bohuslav Sobotka, and an interview with Jiří Dienstbier, Minister and head of the Legislative Council of the Government (ČSSD) (Události, komentáře, "Střet zájmů") on current good governance issues.

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The CVVM/Czech Academy of Science conducted a survey in June on the level of trust of general public in Czech constitutional institutions, with mayors enjoying the greatest trust...Read more.

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