27th October 2015

Good Governance: Prague Post: Poll: Czechs proud of their country …(updated)


… but ashamed of politicians and corruption. People are proud of their Czech citizenship since they consider the Czech Republic a beautiful country, but they feel ashamed of politicians, the current political situation and corruption, according to a poll of the Public Opinion Research Center (CVVM) released on 27 October. Respondents also listed positive and negative features of fellow citizens...Read more.

Also, according to the recent OECD How's life in the Czech Republic report, in the Czech Republic trust in others lies bellow the European OECD average. A survey conducted by TNS Aisa for the the Czech Televison showed that 70% of Czechs trust Czech Police. At the same time, respondents believe that there is a connection between the police and politics/politicians. Read more (in Czech). Read more on (mis)trust and the above mentioned survey in an article by Prague Post. Find out more what surveys said about Czechs and bribes.

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