11th November 2020

Some categories of electrical appliances changing energy labels in March 2021

The new energy labels will no longer have plus signs for energy efficiency class A (A+, A++, or A+++), but a single scale from A to G for all types and models in each group of electrical appliances. This is designed to make things more transparent and understandable for consumers. The move also introduces stricter requirements for energy efficiency in each class. Electrical appliances will have to be more efficient in order to achieve a higher efficiency class. In practice this means that many electrical appliances currently available will have to make do with a lower energy class after March 1, 2021 than they enjoy at present.

The relabelling will take place in multiple stages. As the Czech Trade Inspection Authority states, “First, as of November 1 this year manufacturers will include in the packaging for their products the current label, valid until February 28, 2021, and the new label, valid as of March 1, 2021, for easy relabelling at sales points. After March 1, 2021 the products listed above will be supplied on the EU market with the new label only.”

Between March 1 and March 18, 2021, brick-and-mortar and e-shop owners are required to replace the old labels with the new ones. During this transition period a product may only be labelled with one type of label, either old or new.

We can expect similar changes in energy class labelling in upcoming years for other categories of electrical appliances, such as tumble dryers, ovens, boilers and air conditioning.

For more details on the categories of electrical appliances to which this relabelling applies as well as details on the entire process, please see the statement from the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, available here: https://www.cr-sei.cz/wp-content/uploads/ TZ_Elektricke_vyrobky_od_brezna_2021_oznaci_nove_energeticke_stitky.pdf

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