15th September 2016

EconLab: Public Procurement in Czech Regions - study, scoreboard

One in four public tenders in Czech regions was cancelled in the period 2013-2015, the reason often being that they were not attractive enough for companies, a recently study Public Procurement in Czech Regions published by EconLab, a research institute at the Charles University, says. 

EconLab looked at criteria such as the number of bids/competition of bids, breaches of law by regions, or a number of contracts assigned directly, for example. One of the criticized features of public procurement in Czech regions was the fact that the regions often do not conduct market research before they formulate tender conditions. They get feedback from companies only after the call for bids is published and the authorities subsequently change the conditions of the tender, even several times. 

Volume of tenders amounted to 82,949,777,098 CZK in 2013-2015. The top perfomers, according to the EconLab analysis, are South Bohemian region, followed by Ustecky, Pardubicky, South Moravian and Central 
Bohemian regions. Also, the study says, South Moravian region cancelled 47% of public tenders in 2013-2015, followed by Plzensky region with 41% of cancelled tenders.

Among cities and municipalities, the Prague 17 district seems to be the top performer. The district has been evaluating bids based mainly on qualitative criteria such as functionality of solutions, stated deadline for finalization of projects, etc. 

More details (results, data) are available here (in Czech).



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