8th October 2013

Good Governance: Senate’s committees discussed governmental proposals of legal measurements

The Committee discussed the legal measurement proposed by the Government that should amend the Act on Public Procurement (zákon o veřejných zakázkách). The governmental proposal reflected a Bill that Senate had proposed. The aim of the governmental proposal was to keep contract value on the same level (contradictory to the current provision of the Act under which public tenders of 1 million CZK contract value should be treated according to the Act since 1 January, 2014). The Committee’s amendments to the Bill try to clarify the proposal. Further, it also adjusts inquiry of public tenders. The Bill prolongs the period when a contracting authority has to submit any documentation to the public tender and the competition to the Office for the protection of competition. The period, if passed, should be ten days since any competitor refuses the result of the competition.

The Bill is heading to the plenary session of the Senate which is held on Wednesday, 9 October.

For further information, click here (Senate’s document), and here (resolution of the Committee).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic