6th May 2020

Public Procurement in the Construction & Infrastructure Sector webinar

Lukáš Janíček, Lenka Krutáková and Lukáš Výmola, members of the CMS Prague team will address the latest developments in public procurement and the specific issues relevant in Construction and Infrastructure sector such as:

  • Various issues concerning the bidding process
  • Issues related to e-procurement
  • Possibilities for pre-tender discussions
  • Communication with the public sector—best approach
  • Creating consortium, SPV and sub-supplier structures, and bid-rigging issues
  • Group references: how to prove the previous experience of the group companies
  • Is a public tender always necessary? Contracting without being publicly awarded
  • Key concerns regarding amendments to a concluded contract—when can public contracts be amended during the COVID-19 pandemic times?
  • Register of contracts and issues related to Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
  • Recent case law

Please note the webinar will be in Czech. Webinar instructions will be sent five days prior the event.

Please RSVP to prague.events@cms-cmno.com by Friday 15 May. 


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic