24th September 2015

Good Governance: BETTER PLACE APPLICATION connects citizens, town and Foxconn company in Kutná Hora


Publicly responsible social application Better Place has already connected citizens with officials at Town Halls in a hundred towns across the Czech Republic. People using smart phones or the website post tips of what is needed to be repaired or built in the town. Thanks to the application people can see how the officials get on with their suggestions. Recently, companies have started to use the application, too, in order to get closer to the people in the places they operate. The first company using the Better Place app in Kutná Hora for this purpose is Foxconn.

At the end of August people could send suggestions via the application of what they would like to be improved in their surroundings. Overall, there were thirty-three diverse suggestions. In September three projects were chosen by the company through a process of evaluation in terms of social impact. Foxconn will donate CZK 50 000 and 30 volunteers to implement the projects. What kind of projects are they? The largest amount, CZK 40 000 will be allocated to the tip from the Kaňkovské sedlo organization. They suggested restoring the cherry orchards at the foot of Kaňk, a hill just outside Kutná Hora. The planting will be done during October. CZK 10 000 shall then be divided between cleaning U Tří pávů park, which is frequently visited by families with children, and cleaning the surroundings of Kaňkovská chapel. All projects will be implemented before 23rd October 2015, when the ceremonial opening of cherry orchards is to be held. Read details in Czech in the attached document.

Find out how Better Place works (in the attachment).

Better place for everyone. Make better place in your surroundings for the better life of everyone. Number of users 5,193 (still increasing).

Better place for the municipalities. Transparent system of the improving tips and requirements of citizens. The task can be easily posted to the responsible department and officer. 97 of the municipalities involved, but the tips for improvement can be sent from any place in Czech Republic and responsible departments will be informed and involved.

Better place for companies and businessmen. Good reputation. New orders. Effective communication with employees. 48 participating companies.

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