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21st October 2020 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

HR Survey: Leadership During COVID

The topic of the last AmCham HR committee online meeting which took place last Friday, October 16 was Leadership.

There were four speakers discussing how organizational leadership has been impacted by COVID and what changes will last beyond the pandemic.


21st October 2020 / Good governance / Social Responsibility

Vodafone is also helping in the second wave of the pandemic and thinks mostly of children and the elderly

Vodafone will provide unlimited free internet access to families who cannot provide online teaching for their children. Seniors get an unlimited call on the existing Tarif 60+. In addition, customers who use the eRouška app will not pay for the data that the app needs for its operation. The company has also provided 40 operators to support tracing and is also thinking about supporting companies. Vodafone believes that telecoms can help change the world and the current plight for the better.

20th October 2020 / Good governance / Business and Industry

Restructuring may be right solution for your business

Legal team of Eversheds Sutherland consists of 50 lawyers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who have experience not only in insolvency and restructuring, but also in other areas of law, including employment, corporate and financial law, real estate, M&A, litigation and more. We provide legal advice throughout the entire insolvency process to creditors and debtors as well as potential investors.

15th October 2020 / Good governance / Health Care

We will do everything necessary to supply the Czech Republic with 4,000 beds as soon as possible

Europe's largest manufacturer of health beds has been dealing with pandemic demand since February. To manage them, he has adapted production and protects the health of his employees. He will now do everything necessary to start delivering the first beds for handling the situation in the Czech Republic as early as October.

15th October 2020 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

The Industrial & Logistics sector has become one of the most sought-after asset types in CEE

The Industrial & Logistics sector in the CEE-17 has become one of the most sought-after asset types since 2019, after Offices and Residential according to Colliers International, CMS and Randstad

ExCEEding Borders: Industrial & Logistics Market in CEE-17” report discusses key trends, challenges, technologies, labour market and investment incentives in this sector


Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy

  1. 1) Transition to High-Tech Manufacturing
  2. 2) The City Campus as Idea Factory
  3. 3) Government Programs That Drive Innovation
  4. 4) Government as a Competitive Advantage

Advocacy Priorities for 2020-2022 
People, Technology, Infrastructure, Cities, Government


2020 Actions Recommended in Areas:

1. Immigration.

2. Adult (post-graduate) Education and Training.

3. Programming as the Required Language.

4. Private Research Investment.

5. Housing Plan.

6. Establishing Policy Objectives for Research.

7. Establishing Databases for Tracking Public Policy Outcomes.

8. Public Procurement as an Innovation Tool.

9. A Government Competitiveness Scorecard.


Read the document in English and Czech.

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