19th August 2016

Aktualne.cz/Eko-kom: Czechs sort 4x more packaging waste than 15 years ago

Packaging waste sorting has become natural for 72% of Czechs, an article published by the aktualne.cz portal says. Every year, over 730,000 tonnes of waste is recycled in the Czech Republic (this means saving 25km2 of green area or 1, 900, 000 trees), which is the 6th best result in EU28, according to the European Commission data. 

The cost of recycling per capita is 5EUR per year in the Czech Republic (the figure if two times higher in Germany and almost four times higher in Austria).

Nowadays, Czechs need to walk 97 m distance on average to get the waste to containers situated outside the houses. Fifteen years ago, it was 150 meters.  

Read the article here (in Czech).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic