20th November 2019

AmCham EU: An industrial vision for the EU

Industry is a critical sector for the European economy, contributing 16% value to total European Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Manufacturing complexity is an important predictor of how well an economy will perform in the future. Evidence shows that there is a direct correlation between the size of the manufacturing industry and innovation. It is also a significant sector for European trade, with 80% of exports coming from industry. An industrial strategy that lays the groundwork for the EU manufacturing industry to project itself into the future is therefore paramount.


AmCham EU has a vision for the future of industry in Europe. We highlight four key priorities for the future industrial strategy of the EU:

  • Digitising European industry: Fostering investment and innovation in people, technologies and processes
  • Creating the right environment for a clean future
  • Accelerating the EU circular economy
  • Reinforcing the rules-based trading system, and reinvigorating the transatlantic partnership


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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic