20th February 2019

AmCham EU: Ethics in AI: building a common European (and global) approach

AmCham EU has been engaged in discussions on developing ethics guidelines in AI and recently submitted its response to the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group (HLEG), available here

AmCham EU supports a human-centric framework for AI that is:

  • Proportional, risk-based and flexible because AI is not a monolithic technology - its ethical risk changes drastically depending on its use and context;
  • Holistic, including high-level principles, best practices, voluntary and industry-driven standards and existing regulation

When developing such framework(s), the global dimension should not be forgotten. AI and its development exists within a global ecosystem, and Europe should work to shape the global debate to promote trustworthy AI for all citizens. The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) recently issued a declaration on AI and ethics, and AmCham EU responded to the open call for comments (here). We encourage a greater and global collaboration between data protection authorities, national authorities and international organisations to address more broadly ethical data processing as well as needs and challenges of AI use and development.


Full text by AmCham EU

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