18th September 2017

AmCham EU: SOTEU – What’s key to the future of Europe?

The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) has been a longstanding supporter of a stronger and more united European Union. On Wednesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker laid out a vision for the future of Europe that does tick some concrete boxes in that direction. 
Looking at the future of Europe, US businesses who are heavily invested in Europe are looking forward to continuing and increasing their commitment, investments and positive impact.

The Commission recognised that driving ahead with a strong commitment to trade will benefit European citizens. Trade has been in the vanguard of European growth and employment, with some 31 million European jobs depending on trade with the rest of the world. Moreover, equal and fair labour standards across the entire EU will underpin the continued economic development we have seen in the past few quarters. Free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand will bring even more employment and opportunities for people and businesses alike. We are looking forward to a strong, open Europe who puts trade at the forefront and allows investors more opportunities to innovate.

The future of Europe is also digital.  This is crucial for businesses to continue to operate and be able to protect their data and the data of their clients. Cybersecurity must remain on the agenda and be dealt with swiftly and consistently, taking into account new market realities as it cuts through every sector of society and industry.

Moreover, AmCham EU welcomes a future of Europe where defence capabilities are strengthened, and transatlantic collaboration and innovation continues to play an important role. A strong and determined EU policy in security and defence is instrumental for maintaining transatlantic cooperation and achieving global security.

American companies are looking forward to being resolute partners to a project 60 years in the making. The road ahead is long, but there are plenty of opportunities: further developing the Single Market, ensuring trade works for all, leading the fight against climate change and ensuring Europe remains a fertile ground for investment. Through all this, the EU-US partnership must remain strong and act as a driving force in making the future of Europe one that unites people and makes the economy stronger. US companies are ready to help wherever possible to secure the future of the European economy and the prosperity of its workers and businesses.

Source: American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union

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