30th May 2018

AmCham EU: Steel and aluminium tariffs: EU should receive permanent exemption

The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) calls for the EU to receive a permanent exemption from any US government plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium.

The EU is America’s staunchest ally, not a US national security threat.

These tariff proposals could ignite a dangerous escalation in trade disputes and could also have other unintended consequences. They could have significant implications for jobs, growth and security on both sides of the Atlantic.

The current rhetoric is unhelpful and distracts from the legitimate concerns raised. The EU and the US should be working together to tackle issues such as global steel/aluminium overcapacity and unfair trading practices.

With growth back in Europe and the US, now is the time to focus on a positive agenda that further strengthens our economies. We are encouraged by the EU’s willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue with the US as announced at the European Summit in Sofia.

We need to remember what the EU and the US have built together over the last 70 years and what is at stake. We are bound by our common history and the values we share. The multilateral trading system, with the World Trade Organization (WTO) at its heart, is one of these common achievements. While there is a need to improve the WTO in certain areas, any measures taken by its members should not weaken the institution.


Source: AmCham EU



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic