30th June 2017

AmCham EU: The path forward for EU trade policy: Reflections from the US business community in Europe

The value of rules-based trade to Europe and to the world remains unprecedented.

Today, the EU is the world’s largest trading partner, a success story that has been predicated on a commitment by the EU to smart, fair and free trade and investment with partners around the world. However, EU trade policy faces challenges that are both political and legal in nature. AmCham EU welcomes the recent CJEU ruling on the EU-Singapore FTA, clarifying the EU and national competences as regards its ratification process. However, moving forward, the EU needs to establish a new tradition of seeking political and legal acceptance of EU trade policy. In this paper, AmCham EU outlines a number of recommendations to help ensure the full potential of EU trade policy is recognised and fulfilled.

Clarity and consensus on the path forward for trade policy is more important than ever. The US business community in Europe stands ready and willing to provide constructive and expert input to government, policymakers and all stakeholders to this effect, in order to facilitate an effective, adaptable and implementable EU trade policy that works for businesses and citizens.

Read the position here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic