27th May 2016

Beer mega-merger gets green light from EU

On 24 May, the European Commission´s competition department cleared the proposed acquisition of SABMiller, number 2 brewer globally, by AB InBev, the global leader, subject to conditions. The merger will create a global beer behemoth, bringing together SABMiller´s strong positions in Africa and Asia and AB InBev´s in America and Europe. However, positions on the EU market were a concern by the European Commission. AB InBev offered from the beginning to divest some of SABMiller´s assets in Western Europe. Following EC´s voiced concerns, AB InBev agreed to sell also practically all of SABMiller´s Eastern European assets, including Pilsner Urquell. The EC accepted the commitments and if they are met, the EU executive gives green light to the transaction.

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