6th April 2017

CCC Digest March 2017

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view the March 2017 issue of the CCC Digest, a selection of content from czechcompete.cz, and find out more about Czech competitiveness and policy developments in the past month. Links include:


Spotlight issue:

Panel Discussion: Public procurement: From the cost to the value

Interview with Transport Minister D. Ťok: „We have a systemic problem that has more to do with our political and commercial culture than it does with the public procurement law. / Máme systémový problém, který souvisí spíše s naší podnikatelskou a politickou kulturou než se zákonem o zadávání veřejných zakázek." In EN/CZ

Conference: Quality & Efficiency Measurement - the must for quality health care procurement 



Employment & median wage by occupation in the South Moravian (Jihomoravsky) region updated for 2016 data



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