4th December 2014

Chinese CEFC to invest additional 19 bn CZK to the Czech Republic

During the meeting with Czech President MiloŇ° Zeman the president of CEFC company Chan Chauto according to presidents spokesperson announced that the investments already promised on the base of acquisition of 1/3 share of J&T Bank in the amount of 19.4 bn CZK would be doubled to 38 bn CZK. Part of this additional investment should be the cooperation with Moser and exclusivity of CEFC as its dealer for the Chinese market. CEFC also plans to build its branch office in Prague for approximately 100 million CZK. As for the CEFC it is the sixth largest privately held company in China and one of the largest corporations in the world, inter alia with the focus on finance, energy and infrastructure. Its turnover by Fortune Global 500 enterprises reached 33.6 billion USD.

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