11th November 2016

ČIANEWS/CEEC: Tenders worth CZK 268.1bn remain in system

Government investors completed and awarded to specific providers totally 31% of the tenders opened in 9M 2016. This amounts to 19% of all opened tenders and the awarded contract’s nominal value totals CZK 69.3bn. They were awarded for CZK 51.4bn, i.e. 26% less than foreseen in announcement. After the deduction of awarded and cancelled tenders, tenders worth CZK 268.1bn remain in the system. This stems from CEEC Research’s analysis utilizing data from the Public Contracts Bulletin. The statistics cover a wide range of sectors, from construction to services, transport, means of transport, waste collection, IT, devices and healthcare, ČIANEWS new agencz wrote.

The number and volume of opened public tenders in Jan-Aug 2016 reached record high for the past five years, CEEC wrote earlier.  

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