6th August 2014

Coalition and opposition reached compromise on Civil Service Act

On Wednesday 6th August government coalition and opposition debated on the changes in governmental proposal of Civil Service Act that is currently main topic of debate in Chamber of Deputies. This meeting was held as opposition threatened not to allow current proposal to pass as it could impede the parliamentary debate for an unlimited amount of time. Opposition came to the negotiation table with four demands with the most argued and dividing one was cancelling the creation of Directorate General of Civil Service with Director General leading it. After the meeting both sides agreed on compromise where the Directorate General won’t exist and civil service will be managed by the deputy-minister of Ministry of Interior who is to be named for six years on the proposal of Minister of Interior by the Government. This said it seem that the Act could be adopted in time as the opposition will allow it to pass. Furthermore both sides agreed on interrupting the session of Chamber of Deputies until 27th August for the changes to be made in the meantime.

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