3rd September 2012

Code of Personal Constitution and State ownership policy approved

At its session on 25 July, the Government passed a draft of the Code on Personal Constitution Rules (strategie na jmenování zástupců statu) of state-owned companies. The Ministry of Finance intends to implement the Code into a binding Act so that state officials as well as regional authorities have to follow the Code (the Ministry disclosed the Bill at the end of August). The legislative intent should minimize political influence affecting state- and regions-owned companies.The Ministry expects that candidates to executive boards and boards of trustees should be elected according to their abilities (the so-called expertise principal). The intent also stipulates that selection procedure should be conducted according to previously announced conditions. Composition of executive boards should respect a principal of proportionality; delegates of the respective Ministries (or regional authorities), delegates of employees and experts should be represented in a proportional manner.

The Ministry expects any prompts till 7 September.

The Government also approved intent to prepare strategy of the state ownership (also called the State ownership policy). The Strategy should on the ground of transparency and predictability specify development of state-owned companies. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade should prepare the document till 31 December (prompts including).  
For further information regarding the Code, click here (explanatory report of the Code).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic