25th October 2017

Commission Work Programme 2018: 26 new initiatives, 66 priority pending proposals & legislation review plans

The European Commission is presented its plans for completing the work on President Juncker's ten political priorities before the end of its mandate, as well as a series of forward-looking initiatives for the future of Europe.

The focus of 26 new initiatives in this year's Work Programme is two-fold. First, there are targeted legislative actions to complete our work in priority policy areas, which will all be tabled by May 2018 to allow the European Parliament and Council to complete the legislative work before the European elections of June 2019. Secondly, the Work Programme presents ambitious actions and initiatives that have a more forward-looking perspective, as the new Union of 27 shapes its own future for 2025 and beyond. These proposals reflect the debate kick-started by the Commission's White Paper on the future of Europe and President Juncker's 2017 State of the Union Address.

The Commission Work Programme identifies 66 priority pending proposals presented in the past two years where swift adoption by the Parliament and Council is needed; the Commission also suggests to withdraw 15 pending proposals where there is no foreseeable agreement or they no longer serve their purpose or are technically outdated. The Work Programme proposes a number of 15 proposals that follow on from regulatory fitness and performance (REFIT) reviews of current laws, taking into account the opinions of the REFIT Platform. Effective application and enforcement of EU law by Member States will also be a priority, to ensure that citizens and businesses experience the intended benefits. The Commission will repeal three obsolete pieces of legislation.

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