12th April 2013

Committees of the Chamber of Deputies: building savings

On 10 April, the Committee on Economic Affairs discussed the governmental proposal of the Act on Building Savings (zákon o stavebním spoření). The Bill (explanatory report), that had been discussed by the Chamber of Deputies in the first reading on 12 December, 2012, regulates the provision of the building savings by extending the array of providers. Further, the Bill limits the use of the savings for building needs. The Committee has proposed to postpone the discussion (resolution) of the Bill till 22 May. In the interim, the Committee has set the term for commentaries till 3 May with incorporating the commentaries to the Bill by the Ministry of Finance till 16 May. Besides that, the Budget Committee, discussing the Bill at the beginning of March, has proposed to reject the Bill. The Budget Committee’s intention to organize a seminar, that would clarify the term of building saving, has ended unsuccessfully (discussion of the Budget Committee on 27 February).

Further discussion are expected on 17 April when the Budget Committee will discuss the Bill on Financial responsibility and the Bill on Investing Companies and Investing Funds.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic