22nd September 2014

Czech Budget for 2015 Approved in Government

On Monday 22nd September the Czech government approved draft of national budget of the Czech Republic. The deficit of Czech budget should be 100 bn CZK and it should remain under the rate of 3 % in relation to GDP. When setting parameters of the budget government managed to find an agreement with its social partners and with the representatives of regions with whom the draft was consulted. Among the main goals of future budget is to boost investments as a tool of active employment policy, to stabilize the healthcare sector, lower the tax burden for the families with children, increase pensions and last but not least to increase the salaries of the employees in the public sector ie. civil servants, teachers, policemen, firemen and others. Also the investments to transportation infrastructure should be boosted. Although the government claims that the government is restrictive many analysts claim that the budget is much more generous and that the government is wasting the opportunity to level incomes with expenditures and spending too much on expansionary policy.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic