16th October 2014

Czech Export Goods

The Czech Republic exports not only goods that are well known to us but also some that we would not think of in the first place. Let’s speak of some of both known and unknown commodities. The Czech Republic is for example one of the greatest exporters of gramophone records in the world with annual production of 13-14 million pieces with over 98 % produced for export. Other Czech company Schneider Electric manufactures and exports red safety buttons to more than hundred countries of the world in the amount of 3 million pieces yearly. Czech Republic could also be called the “superpower” in producing flytraps with more than 65 million flytraps exported. Unsurprisingly the Czech Republic is also the third biggest exporter of hop of the world only to be beaten by Germany and USA. It’s also world’s greatest producers of mildly aromatic hops that is currently on the rise throughout the world. Closely to this is the export of beer that becomes increasingly important for Czech breweries. Apart from this the Czech Republic excels in exports of glass, china, light firearms, snap fasteners, cars, ICT and also electricity. In the terms of export of electricity the Czech Republic exports more than 20 TWh a year which is about one third of its production. The Czech Republic is thus the fifth biggest exporter of electricity and exports more electricity than China or USA.

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