10th August 2014

Czech exports to Sub-Saharan Africa grow

According to the data the export from the Czech Republic to Sub-Saharan Africa has doubled in the past five years and reached its maximum in 20 years in 2013 of 16.4 bn CZK which was 6.5 % more than in 2012. The export is expected to rise also in 2014. Although the numbers are rising the Czech exporters still don’t use the full potential of this market as they are focusing predominantly on the Republic of South Africa as we could see from the anonymous survey of Confederation of Industry and Transport. On the other hand only few responded that the would want to cooperate with partners in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria or Ghanna. Hovewer, Ministry of Industry and Commerce included countries like Nigeria, Angola, Ethiopia or Ghana among the Countries of Interest for 2012-2020 and wants to promote cooperation with them for example by opening more Czech Trade branches in these countries. As many exporters admit negotiation, seeking reliable domestic trade partner and entering the market could be lengthy and requires patience. Nonetheless many CEOs of Sub-Saharan countries have European or US education and are not to be underestimated and good preparation is advised.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic