6th June 2014

Czech government convened on EC proposals and NKÚ control results

Czech government on its meeting on 4th June discussed proposals and recommendations made by European Commission concerning National Reform Plan for 2014 that was accepted on 16th April. The vast majority of EC material coincides with the government National Reform Plan especially in focus on Czech economic growth recovery and on improving competitiveness. The EC proposal also stresses the importance of Civil Service Act implementation and suggests that government should focus on simplifying tax system and on increasing pre-school care capacity. Regarding NKÚ government during its session accepted 7 control results. Although the deficiencies are only partial the respective resorts would take rapid corrective measures with clearly set timetable of changes. Government began better cooperation with NKÚ already on 28th April when it used its new rules of procedure to improve efficiency when assessing control results. During its meeting government also discussed shift from complex anticorruption strategies to simpler and more concise Action plans.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic