20th November 2014

Czech Post wants to have most of its post offices as franchises

Director of Czech Post Martin Elkán announced that the Czech Post will turn 200 of its offices to franchises with the outlook of majority of its offices being run as franchises in future years. This comes after the status of Czech Post was clarified and future strategy was set with greater use of franchise model as only 2100 offices were declared necessary by the Czech Telecommunication Office and Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec wants to keep all its present 3200 post offices. This model is common abroad for example in United Kingdom, Germany or Austria but in the Czech Republic it is quite new Czech Post has currently only 137 post offices being franchise. This is to change as Czech post would introduce better conditions to encourage the private partners. Among other tools to boost its profits Czech Post is also still considering selling medicaments as soon as it finds a proper partner to do so.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic