5th January 2015

Czech Republic Migration Trends

According to the International Migration Outlook for the 2014 published by the OECD the numbers for the year 2013 show that the number of both emigrants and immigrants is rising gradually. In 2013 the migration to the Czech Republic was around 30 000 people and emigration was also a bit more than 30 000 resulting in negative net migration. The number of emigrants grew in relation to 2012 by approx. 10 000 inhabitants and constituted mainly of Czech (2000) and Ukrainian (7000) people. This data is quite important as immigration made the 96 % of population increase in the Czech Republic in 2013. When looking back to 2012 the number of immigrants grew in relation to 2011 to 30 000 persons meaning 34% annual increase. Emigration for 2012 was around 20 000 people meaning positive net migration of 10 000. As for the structure of immigrants the number of refugees seeking asylum in the Czech Republic got to its historical minimum in 2013 with only 700 new asylum applicants. On the other side the number of immigrants receiving permanent residence permit grew only slightly by less than 1 % to total of 438 000 foreigners with permanent residence permit in 2012 and similarly to 441 000 in 2013. Main factors influencing the migration and its structure were the changes in immigration policy aimed at reducing low-skilled labor migration, introduced limits on non EU member country nationals work permits that were imposed in 2012 and lifted in 2013 and change of the Green card system by transposing EU “Single Permit” Directive (2011/98/EC) applied from June 2014.

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