18th August 2014

Czech Republic provides salary already for 4000 inexperienced graduates

Within the framework of project introduced by the Czech government to boost employment of fresh inexperienced graduates already 4000 people were employed with the costs 1.3 bn CZK so far and estimate of additional 300 million CZK making it 1.6 bn CZK in total. The programme is very popular among both employers and employees and new funds were already transferred to this project from other less successful projects. The only requirement that employer has to fulfil is to employ graduate that is assigned from the local Employment Office and has less than 2year practice. Then the employer receives funds for the salary of this particular employee for the duration of one year. The salary is limited and differs from region to region and requires only little to no additional salary costs depending on the limit. The number of employees is expected to exceed the count of 5000 eventually.

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