6th February 2015

Czech retail sales grew by 5.4 %

According to the Czech Statistical Office data retail sales in the Czech Republic in year-on year comparison to 2013 grew in 2014 by 5.4 %. As we have already mentioned the biggest share is attributed to automobile manufacturing industry having grown by 11.6 %. Other major sectors that contributed to this positive growth were IT with especially e-shop sales with positive growth of 19.7 %. A little different was the situation in December where the retails sales grew in year-on-year comparison but they were also a bit lower in month-on-month comparison. As for the future we cannot expect growth of retail sails being so high partially because of higher comparative base in comparison to rather low comparative base in previous years, On the other hand the outlook is according to analysts rather positive and it seems that the economy and also the demand is stabilizing. As for the structure of Czech GDP it is still rather consumption driven.

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