21st March 2017

Czech Statistical Office: Population grows mainly thanks to positive net migration in 2016 | Infographics

The population of the Czech Republic increased by 25.0 thousand to 10 578.8 thousand during 2016. The population growth resulted from net migration (20.1 thousand) as well as natural change (4.9 thousand). In the year-on-year comparison, the number of live births (112.7 thousand) increased and the number of deaths (107.8 thousand) went down at the same time. The number of marriages (50.8 thousand) was the highest over the past eight years. On the contrary, the number of divorces was lower (25.0 thousand). The number of abortions did not significantly change, Czech Statistical Office said.

















A total of 37.5 thousand people immigrated to the Czech Republic from abroad during 2016, by 2.6 thousand more than in 2015. In opposite direction, a total of 17.4 thousand people moved their residence. The balance of net migration was positive in 2016 and amounted to 20.1 thousand; it was by 4.1 thousand higher than in 2015. As in 2015, the highest positive migration balance was registered with citizens of Slovakia (5.3 thousand), Ukraine (3.3 thousand) and Romania (1.5 thousand). More details in English and Czech.


Infographics on foreigners living and working in the Czech Republic. Source: Czech Statistical Office

The number of qualified (bright green), semi-qualified and unqualified (pale green) foreign workers (thousands), EU member states residents and non-EU citizens.


















Number of foreign workers by occupation (thousands): professionals, scientists, technicians (light grey), clerical, support (dark grey), wholesale, retail; repairs of vehicles (pale green), construction (light green), manufacturing (bright green). EU residents and non-EU citizens.




















Foreigners by nationality: 1. Slovakia, 2. Ukraine, 3. Poland, 4. Romania, 4. Bulgaria, 5. Russia, 6. Vietnam


















The number of foreigners-entrepreneurs with a trade licence: total number (bright green), EU residents (light green), non-EU citizens (pale green).




















In January to March 2017, the Czech consulate in Lvov, Ukraine, received three times more applications for employment cards for Ukrainians than in the first quarter of 2016, Czech Television reported. Generally, it takes around 6-8 months to process the application. Many companies and job seekers from Ukraine cannot wait that long. The authorities will expand their application processing capacities.

View also Eurostat data on first time asylum applicants; the Czech Republic has the 9th lowest number of aplications in EU28 in 2016.






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