28th May 2018

CzechInvest Director S.Jirotková for BraveShow TV: Role of CzechInvest has to adapt to current situation in the economy

The role of the CzechInvest Agency has to change, it has to adapt to the current situation in the economy...it is our task to focus on domestic capital and help Czech companies to progress either in terms of technology or their position in supply chains, says new Director of the CzechInvest Government Agency Silvana Jirotková in a business interview for BraveShow TV.

Czechinvest has had programs in place for small and medium-sized companies. 

As for foreign investment, the new CzechInvest director plans to support projects with high value added, meaning more sophisticated projects, not only manufacturing in nature as we know them from the past, but for example businesses that may not create as many jobs - because this is not as necessary for the Czech Republic at the moment - but rather focus on new technologies and their application, automation and digitization of production, and of course, projects that will focus on research and development.

Investment incentives are available both for foreign and Czech companies. Our current proposal aims at making the system more favourbale for SMEs by reducing the criteria by half compared with criteria for large businesses, S.Jirotková adds.


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