23rd January 2014

EC proposes the 2030 energy and climate goals

On 22 January, the European Commission presented its proposal for the “2030 climate and energy goals for a competitive, secure and low-carbon EU economy”, a material to replace the current Europa 2020 strategy (20% cuts in emissions compared to 1990 level, 20% renewable energy share in energy mix, 20% energy efficiency rise by 2020). The new goals present both continuity and a slight discontinuity compared to the current strategy. By 2030, the EC proposes, the EU should cut its emissions by 40% compared to 1990 level. This target was anticipated and goes in line with the EC´s 2050 goals (80% emissions cuts). However, it has been criticized from both sides – the climate campaigners regard it as too conservative and ask for a stronger commitment. On the other hand, some Member States (mainly Poland) consider it too strict and propose some 35%. Regarding the renewables share, the EC sets a goal of 27%, but for the EU as a whole, meaning this goal is not to be distributed to the Member States to be achieved individually. This constitutes a change compared to the Europa 2020 strategy. A specific energy efficiency goal will be set after the 2012 energy efficiency directive revision scheduled for this summer. Other measures include reform of the EU Emissions Trading System or a new governance framework. The proposal is scheduled to be discussed at the March European Council. The EC would like the 40% cuts goal to be bindingly adopted by the end of 2014. That way the EU would have a commitment to present to the global climate change summit in early 2015.

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