9th September 2012

EP’s first plenary session after summer break

The European Parliament will meet in the following days from 10th till 13th September in Strasbourg for its first plenary session after two months. The session will deal with various serious issues concerning internal affairs of the EU as the future of the euro, energy efficiency or the EU’s budget for 2013. MEPs will also discuss recent development in Syria and Russia.

On Monday, the EP’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs will discuss the details of their requirements for banking union. On Tuesday, the MEPs will deal with energy efficiency and fuel safety as well as foreign policy concerning Syria and Russia. Key speeches are expected on Wednesday. Firstly, President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso will present his speech “State of the Union”, where he will present his flagship plans for the following months. Furthermore, the EC will present its proposal of the banking union to the MEPs which will be followed by discussion. The vote will follow on Thursday.

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