9th August 2015

EU and US close to finalize new Safe Harbor agreement

After two years of stalled talks following the Snowden revelations, the EU and the US have come close to concluding a new data-sharing agreement, the so-called Safe Harbor treaty. The treaty allows American firms to process personal data of Europeans in the US, provided that strict rules are applied. According to the new version of the treaty, for example, there will be strict provisions on transferring the data to a third country. The EU froze the re-negotiation of the already quite outdated agreement (the Safe Harbor currently in force was signed in 2000) based on the possibility, that EU citizensĀ“ data could be accessed in the US by government authorities. Since the American administration changed the data collection rules recently, the EU and the US were able to continue the talks. As a leaked document from the negotiation indicates, the new Safe Harbor treaty could be finalized shortly after the end of the summer vacations.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic