2nd December 2012

EU funds reduction: easier subsidies, more efficient grants

The Government approved a proposal of the Ministry of Regional Development defining the structure of EU funds to be set up in the Czech Republic in the next EU budget period 2014–2020. The proposal expects a great reduction of the number of funds (currently, there is 17 funds operating in the Czech Republic; the government expects 8 funds to be set up). Funds and the values of financial means provided to each fund should be in accordance to priority axis defined by the European Commission (EC). The aim of money grants in the Czech Republic should be prepared by administrating state institutions. 
The Ministry intends to make the process of money granting easier by unifying funds; the proposal also enhances the efficiency of money grants.

For further information regarding the reduction of EU-funds, click here (sites of the Government).

However, member states of the EU have not agreed on the EU budget period 2014–2020 programs at the summit in November 2012. For Elements of Strategic Common Framework (EC document), click here. Next talks are planned to the beginning of 2013 when member state should find an agreement on expenditures and financial transaction tax (FTT). FTT has been proposed by the EC to assure genuine source of income for the EU. For further information regarding the Czech position toward the EU-budget period 2014–2020, click here.

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