25th July 2014

EU proposes 2030 energy efficiency target

Following the announcement of the 2030 climate goals earlier this year, the European Commission came up with a proposal for the highly anticipated energy efficiency target on 23 July. Earlier, the Commission announced its proposal for the 2030 climate goals, being a follow-up of the Europe 2020 climate goals, namely a binding 40% CO2 reductions compared to 1990 levels target and an EU-wide target of 27% for renewables in the energy mix. Some campaigners pushed for an even more ambitious target of 40%, but EU energy Commissioner G. Oettinger expressed his happiness over the unanimous adoption of the 30% target, which he called achievable, yet ambitious. More importantly, this target has a chance to pass through the European Council, the Commissioner added. A more ambitious target could alienate some Member States.

Together with the announcement of the 2030 energy efficiency target, the Commission published its analysis relating to the possibility of achieving the 2020 20% target. According to the Commission, the Member States will fail in this regard, energy efficiency savings reaching only 18-19% in 2020 under present circumstances. However, according to Commissioner Oettinger, the target can be relatively easily reached, if Member States fully implement already agreed rules.

The communication on 2030 climate goals is to be presented to the Council in October this year.

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